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How to use Eyelash Curler


Here are the steps to use Eyelash Curler:

Preparation: Warm the eyelash curler first. It is easy to damage the eyelashes when used directly. You can blow the clip with a hair dryer for a few seconds, or place it in warm water and wait until the temperature is just right before using it.

Eyelashes must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before use to avoid affecting the effectiveness of the clip.

Place the eyebrow curler at the root of the eyelashes, divide the range of the upper and lower curlers into three sections, first clamp 1/3 of the eye head, curl upward and hold for 3 seconds, and then extend to the middle and tail.

You can apply mascara before using eye hair curlers, which will make it easier to curl your eyelashes and the effect will be more obvious.

Don't curl your eyebrows too many times to avoid damaging your eyelashes.

After use, please clean the eyelash curler in time and store it in a dry and ventilated place.

In short, using Eyelash Curler to curl eyelashes is a very delicate job. You must pay attention to the temperature of the clip, the method and time of clipping, and daily maintenance. Using the right methods and tools can better protect your eyelashes and make them more beautiful and charming.