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How to use Powder Puff


A velvet puff is a makeup tool specially designed for applying makeup. It is mainly used for applying powder, loose powder or foundation and other cosmetics. Here are the steps for using a fleece puff:

Preparation: First, make sure that the previous makeup steps have been completed and the face has been clean, such as wiping it with lotion.

Take out the suede puff: Open the powder box and gently take out the suede puff with your hands, but do not shake the puff to avoid scattering the powder. Shake off the excess powder.

Application: Dip the velvet puff into an appropriate amount of powder, apply it while patting off the excess powder, and then rub the puff with both hands repeatedly to allow the powder to evenly adhere to the puff.

To apply makeup: Dab the fleece puff onto your face to cover the areas you want to cover, then use smooth swiping motions to evenly distribute the powder all over your face.

Reuse: It is not recommended to clean the physical makeup puff frequently. You will find that frequent cleaning will damage its shape and performance. So if you use the velvet puff frequently, it is recommended that you replace it regularly to maintain hygiene.

In general, using a velvet puff to apply makeup can not only improve the overall makeup effect, but also make the entire makeup process easier and more natural.