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The usage diagram of various makeup brushes


12 makeup brush usage for novice makeup MM is still a little difficult, in the choice of a set of entry-level makeup brush will feel a little confused, such as my own is, which use to think of to buy which, a blind buy, and the result of buying a bunch of mess is not very good, or lack of this lack of that... It's really worrying... The result is a set of 12 makeup brushes, fully functional for every need!

12 makeup brush usage diagram, makeup is a fine job, words can not make bricks without straw, especially makeup brush, to know that a complete set of makeup brush is 12, these 12 sets of brushes are included: Loose brush, foundation brush, drop blush brush, highlight brush, oblique shadow brush, large eye shadow brush, large eye shadow brush, small eye shadow brush, concealer brush, eyebrow brush, eyeliner brush, lip brush, The use of each brush can also be changed according to their own needs, and is not static.

Today I will talk with you about the detailed usage diagram of these 12 makeup brushes:

1. Powder painting: powder painting, light and natural base makeup; The bristles are soft and elastic, the brush head is large, and the ability to grasp powder is very strong.

2, foundation brush: foundation brush primer clean, fast; The neat brush head and tight hair can evenly apply the liquid foundation to the face, making the base makeup more comfortable and natural.

3, water drop blush brush: Brush head like water drops, easier to evenly apply blush on the apple muscle.

4, highlighter brush: the bristles are loose and soft, used for brightening the face cheekbones and T parts, eyebrow arch bone, lower eyelids and chin tip.

5, oblique shadow brush: used for contouring, increase the three-dimensional sense of facial outline, modify the face shape, play a role in slimming the face.

6, large eyeshadow brush: used for eye socket part of the eyeshadow primer color, mostly used for dipping to pick up bright color, eye shadow area is larger.

7. Medium eyeshadow brush: A brush for connecting light and dark eyeshadow.

8, small eyeshadow brush: smaller than the medium eyeshadow brush, more used for dipping dark eyeshadow, for the end of the eye dark eyeshadow halo.

9, concealer brush: can dip concealer to cover facial defects, but also can repair details.

10, eyebrow brush: eyebrow brush is used to dip the eyebrow powder, gently sweep in the eyebrow, using the fill-based method to improve the eyebrow shape, more natural and soft than the eyebrow pencil.

11, eyeliner brush: with the use of eyeliner cream, smooth lines without forks.

12, lip brush: lip brush treatment of lip makeup, color saturated, clean, lip shape clear.

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