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How to use makeup sponge to achieve perfect results?


Makeup sponges play a vital role in makeup, as they not only allow makeup to be more evenly distributed on the face skin, but also avoid the uneven, uncoordinated, unnatural effects created by finger application. But how to use makeup sponges correctly to achieve perfect results?

First, choose the sponge that suits you

There are many types of sponges to choose from, such as sponges of different sizes and shapes, sponges of different thicknesses and materials, and so on. We should choose the right sponge according to our needs and uses. For example, if you want a more natural look, you can choose a soft, high-quality sponge. If you want to create a more detailed look, you need to choose a sharp or smaller makeup sponge.

2. Preparation

Before using a makeup sponge, be sure to do your homework, including washing your hands and the makeup sponge. Before use, soak the sponge in water and squeeze it dry, which will make it expand and become softer and easier to apply. In the process of use should also pay attention to keep dry at all times, do not let the sponge absorb too much water.

3. Skills

1. Projection and highlight effect: Dip the sponge into the desired color of cosmetics, and then gently press on the required position, using the sponge corners can achieve the layer effect. The key is to work slowly and carefully, not to apply too much at once, so as not to cause thick and unnatural.

2. Apply along the texture: It can be applied along the texture direction of the facial skin, which can avoid pulling the skin when applying, which can easily lead to skin sagging and increased wrinkles.

3. Circular way: You can also use a sponge to gently circle your face, which can help apply more evenly. But should be careful to avoid around the eyes and corners of the mouth and other areas, these areas of the skin is more sensitive, need to be especially careful when applying.

4. Gradually overlay: Pay attention to master the skills of layering, and gradually overlay makeup when constantly applying, so that you can better control the local and overall makeup. It is recommended to leave each layer for a period of time after applying, until the makeup is fully absorbed before starting the next layer.

4. Cleaning and maintenance

After each use of makeup sponge, be sure to clean and disinfect in time. You can use warm water to add an appropriate amount of facial cleanser or disinfectant for cleaning, and then rinse thoroughly with water, squeeze the sponge to dry, put in a ventilated place to dry. In addition, it is recommended to change the makeup sponge regularly, every month or two months to ensure hygiene and effect.

In short, the use of makeup sponges requires a certain amount of skill and patience, but only by correctly mastering the skills, in order to achieve a more perfect makeup effect.
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