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How do you clean the wood when it's moldy


1, washing method: Put moldy wood products in water, wash with a brush, so that the mold will dissolve into the water, it will be cleaned.
2, exposure method: Put moldy wood products in the sun for one to two days, after exposure, wipe with a towel or gauze.
3, anti-corrosion method: Put moldy wood products directly into the embalming fluid, use the embalming fluid to kill the mold, and then remove from the embalming fluid to dry.
Mildew prevention method:
1, storage: storage environment should be relatively dry, avoid rain. Try not to put it outdoors, and do not pile it on the dirt, otherwise it will quickly become moldy.
2, anti-mold treatment (in addition to the storage environment needs to be relatively dry, but also need to carry out anti-mold treatment)
Method 1: If the plate needs to be fumigated, an anti-mildew agent can be added to the fumigation liquid.
Method 2: If there is a soaking process, you can add anti-mildew agent to the soaking liquid, and the wood has a good anti-mildew effect after soaking.
Method 3: If there is no other treatment, you can spray anti-mildew agent directly on the surface of the wood for anti-mildew treatment.

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