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Is the baby wood brush safe and reliable


For children, especially infants under the age of six, his gastrointestinal function is not perfect, and the growth and development is rapid, the necessary nutritional elements are more, if the diet is not scientific, it is easy to cause fire, fire is easy to cause children's partial food, the following small Lang parenting network to understand about the baby wool brush good content.

The new baby hair brush series, the selection of the calf pattern is the most lovely, get the hand is really good, natural wool texture is soft, delicate, elastic, even the baby's delicate skin can be assured to use. This is still a traditional manual craft, soft color, no paint and glue, safe and environmentally friendly, will not affect the baby's hair health, appearance level, circular comb design, boundless and angular, do not worry about hurting the baby, simple and beautiful is also very durable!

Small hair brush, gently massage in the baby's hair can easily fall asleep, you can imagine how comfortable. And the overall design is also ergonomic, as well as non-slip handle design so that it can be easier to grasp, clean the hair scale this brush is a good hand, with massage oil to soften the head scale, and then use it to slowly brush a few times, after washing the hair, the head scale will drop a lot, the child can be comfortable! So dear parents, hurry up and buy a doll to coax your home!

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